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Jaylen Bledsoe Founded a Very Successful IT Company while still in High School

by Felix Omondi

Meet Jaylen Bledsoe: The High School Student That Owns a Very Successful IT Company

Most big names in the ICT industries made their ground breaking debut at a very young age. For instance Mark Zuckerburg founded Facebook, while he was still a sophomore and Steve Jobs established Apple Computers when he was just 21 years old. It would seem that Jaylen D. Bledsoe is set to achieve such great feat, given that already by the age of 15 years he already has an IT Company that is doing quite well in the industry.

Jaylen Bledsoe: A Prolific High School Kid Owning A $3.5 Million Worth IT CompanyBy all standards, it  can be said that Jaylen is a early bloomer compared to Jobs and Zuckerburg. Bledsoe founded Bledsoe Technologies LLC back in 2012 as a web designing company but along the way Bledsoe added other services such as Short Video Animations, Google Ad Word Marketing and Graphic designing. The company mainly concentrates in assisting SMEs benefit from extensive use of technologies to improve productivity and establishing a robust web presence. Since its inception in 2012, Bledsoe Technologies has partnered with various IT providers in the United States to ensure it provides first class IT services to its clients.

Today Innov8tiv Magazine looks at the young creative talent behind the Bledsoe Technologies LLC. Jaylen D. Bledsoe of Hazelwood, MO was born on March 26 1998. He became interested in web designing when attended a gifted-education program in middle school. His interest in web designing drove him to start a company that initially had two employees, but now the company  now has over 150 employees countrywide. Jaylen can best be described as being proficient in entrepreneurship, expert in start-up businesses, Venture Capital Funding and very successful at directing marketing platforms targeting SMEs.

Jaylen Bledsoe: A Prolific High School Kid Owning A $3.5 Million Worth IT Company

Since the inception of his company, Jaylen has strived to expand as well as encourage youths to get involved in start-up businesses. With Jaylen’s leadership skill, Bledsoe Technologies LLC has consistently been getting impressive revenues and growing their market share, quarter over quarter leading to the company to having a market share running into hundreds across the globe. Some of its consistent clients include NLAthletics and Hazelwood West Middle School among others in the private sector. Jaylen is also a prolific speaker especially in forums touching on youth rights, youth entrepreneurship and start-up financing. He will be speaking at the “NSBE:40 Engineering and Leadership in Harmony convention that will be held starting on March 26th  2014, in Nashville.

After finishing high school, Jaylen intends to go to Duke University and also Harvard University in which he will major both in Business Administration and Computer Science. Jaylen’s mentor is a chain grocery store CEO, Scott Schnuck, who gave him the following advice, “Take risks. As a minor, there’s nothing you can do that will shoot you down for too long. You can always jump back up and keep going”.

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