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May the Scores Be with You: AI Changing the Casino Industry


Image by Eugene Capon from Pixabay

Being a part of the online experience, Mark Zuckerberg has made it plain that his new vision is to fuse the world together beyond virtual borders. As recent technological breakthroughs are making AI the driving force behind that kind of online experience, the casino industry seems to be making the best of it!

From handling marketing compliance to overall user experience, artificial intelligence is being used to improve the iGaming sector and online betting scene. You can, for example, compare your casino operators from sites like Casino Frog—there’s a tool for everyone!

Statistics show that the market size of the online casino industry grew to 52.99 billion USD in 2021, which shows a 20 billion USD growth from the year before. This is where AI can really change the game by expanding the gaming industry towards mainstream attention.

AI at Work in the Casino Industry

Even with marketing prohibitions in many jurisdictions, AI is starting to have a noticeable impact on the online gambling industry. Let’s see how the casino industry is leveraging its power.

Playing by the Marketing Compliance

The Gaming Innovation Group has recently signed a partnership with a marketing compliance tool named GiG Comply. This tool allows the operators to choose checklist parameters and maintain market-specific requirements.

Gaming operators are using these tools to make sure they maintain the rules and regulations of their jurisdiction. Or else, their license might get banned. Merkur, a German-based casino operator, used the tool most recently, and other brands are also showing their interest in AI.

Your Robot Helping Hand

With the help of AI disciplines like Natural Language Processing, online casino operators are providing high-end troubleshooting. Casinos are integrating AI chatbots into their sites and even into their games to help you navigate their system.

While many operators struggle to solve user experience problems with human technicians, AI can assist a million without a stretch. Besides, AI is becoming more interactive with every interaction and is cost-effective compared to other solutions.

Decentralized Banking Alternatives

In traditional casinos, punters used to do their transactions over the counter—that is, physically making the transaction. But that scenario changed with the arrival of Bitcoin, NFTs, Stable-coins and many more into the world economy.

Cryptocurrencies offer a decentralized banking alternative. Thus, many casino companies use its potential to provide their users with deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency.

Should One Trust AI?

Well, while both of the answers to trusting AI have a good number of supporters, a tradition in online casinos shows why we should. Online casinos have a history of incorporating new technological advancements, as they did with live streaming before Facebook took up the feature.

Many casinos are investing in research and tools to create a better user experience for their customers. The only key to maintaining reliability is to provide a fair and equal chance to all the players. This is where AI can have a great impact, increasing the fun of punting.

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