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Did Microsoft just troll Apple’s Ads on iPad Pro by running a counter Surface Pro 4 Ad?

by Felix Omondi
Did Microsoft just troll Apple’s Ads on iPad Pro by running a counter Surface Pro 4 Ads?

Yep, Microsoft just trolled the fruit company’s iPad Pro that wants to be a computer. Apple ran an Ad for its iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard making it a ‘computer’ now, not just a tablet. Microsoft ran a counter Ad to ‘state the facts right’.

Last year, Apple did what Steve Jobs said the company would never do; make a 2-in-1 device complete with a keyboard and a stylus pen. I am guessing Tim Cook likes thinking outside the box; even if that means looking into your opponent’s box and stealing some 1-2 ideas.

Apple’s iPad Pro launched last year comes with a Smart Keyboard and a Apple Pencil. The fruit company was hoping on enticing professional users who want to use their ‘iTablet’ for more than just playing candy crush and watching Netflix until the battery runs out. Apple wanted people to be able to do their office work right from their tablet.

Just like what Microsoft successfully did with the Surface line of devices. These are 2-in-1 devices that can be used as both laptop and desktop and can run full desktop productivity software and operating system.

So Apple ran an Ad, ‘iPad Pro – What’s a Computer?’ Touting how computer-like the iPad Pro is; and how you can get your office work done right from the tablet. Here’s the Ad:

Microsoft felt there were some half-truths and misleading statements in that Ad, and it ran a counter-Ad to set the record straight; ‘What’s a computer? Just ask Cortana’. So Microsoft sent over Cortana to Siri’s celebration party; a party was being thrown for Siri (read iPad Pro) for having a keyboard, making it a computer now.

So Cortana just casually flaunts asks Siri if she got as powerful processor under her hood as the Core i7 processor? Can Siri run full-fledged desktop OS like the Windows 10 that Cortana is running? Can Siri run full versions of productivity software like the MS Word? Does Siri have a trackpad on its new keyboard? Can Siri connect to peripheral devices via full-sized USB ports?

Siri caves in; “Like I said I just got a keyboard… I don’t like where this [conversation] is going. Maybe this party thing wasn’t such a good idea”

Of course, Siri (read iPad Pro) is running iOS, a mobile operating system. It does not run full-fledged desktop productivity software, just the app versions. The processing power under the iPad Pro hood is far from Surface Pro 4’s Core i7 chip.

Long story short, Siri had to cancel the party, Cortana came in and burst all her bubbles. Talk about a buzz-kill! However, in all fairness, Surface Pro 4 is running full-fledged Windows 10 OS will the iPad Pro is running iOS; that’s not a really fair fight or comparison. If or When Apple figures out a way to put Mac OS X (now called Mac OS Sierra) into an iPad. Then we can compare the Surface line fairly with the iPads.

Image Source: MW Technology

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A-thought August 17, 2016 - 10:41 pm

Q: Did MS just troll Apple..?

A: No more than Apple did for about 10 years with the “Hi PC, I’m Mac” commercials.

What’s good for the goose..

Felix Omondi August 23, 2016 - 12:13 am

… is good for the gander.

so it’s pay back time? Apple had it coming for a long time?

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