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This Trick Makes Pokeball Throws Much Easier and Optimized in Pokemon Go

by Fahad Saleem

Pokemon Go craze continues to engulf the internet and mobile world. People are now emphatically searching for tricks and tips so that they could beat the high scores of their friends and make new records. There are also some small annoying parts in the game which should be bypassed using some tricks. One such thing is the ball throwing mechanic which can cause  a lot of time wasted. This mechanic doesn’t throw the ball far enough, and the player has to spend many throws before the goal is achieved. Almost every Pokemon Go player I have come across complained about this problem. Worry no more as you can easily throw Pokeball easily using a trick which I am about to discuss in this article.

Trick to Throw Pokeballs

Throwing the Pokeball perfectly can be achieved using the “L Trick”. The trick is simple: just drag the ball to the left or right side of the screen and don’t release it on the upswing until you reach the height of the Pokemon. In this way you will be able to see where exactly you throw the ball. This will make the throw a lot faster, and your new Pokemon ball will go through much faster than the normal way.

The L trick also works for the curve ball. So if you have to throw the curve ball, just curve the ball before moving it towards the edge of the screen. This simple trick will move the ball with a fast speed and you will be able to save time and effort in the game.

This trick helps you save Poke balls. If you have more throws, you will lose Poke balls. These balls are very precious in the game, so you cannot afford to lose them. Try the L trick and let us know how it worked for you.

You can check out the practical demo of the L trick in this video.


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