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Milkeddit: New Beautiful and Efficient Reddit Client App for iPhone, iPad

by Fahad Saleem

Reddit is the largest community on the internet. It is growing swiftly. It is place where you will never regret your time spent. But it has an interface problem. Reddit apparently looks mundane, boring and colorless. That’s why we have Reddit clients- apps which make Reddit look good and interesting with colors and design so that users can use the forum without getting bored to death. Meet Milkeddit, a new amazing Reddit client for iPhone.

Milkeddit is Great New Reddit Client for iOS

Milkeddit has a fluid design. Its interface is beautiful. It has a toolbar where you have options to add/sign-in or out multiple accounts. You can also see the list of subreddits on the toolbar. You don’t have to find and locate anything with effort and the design of Milkeddit reddit client for iPhone is simple and self-explanatory.

This app clearly shows the essential ingredients of Reddit posts. You can see the comments section clearly. You can figure out the links, profile of people who are posting, post excerpts and thumbnails. These basic things are something which new users find difficult to figure out because of the Reddit interface.

Have a look at some pictures to get a feel about this Reddit client for iOS.

milkeddit reddit iphone 1

 You can also apply filters and checks in the search bar to narrow down the results.

You can also post a new thread on Reddit using this app. It asks you to put information step by step in a nice way.

Milkereddit is a great app to have if you are a reddit lover.

Did I tell you it costs $1.99?

Download Milkeddit for iPhone or iPad

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