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Motorola makes a return to the Tablet-making-business with an AT&T Moto Tab

by Felix Omondi

Once upon a time, when Earth was not so technologically advanced, the biggest names in mobile devices makers were Nokia, Motorola, and BlackBerry. Currently, these names to a larger extent remains like relics of the once giant and dominating dinosaurs that have since been replaced by evolution; in this case technology and business evolution replaced the three brands.

While they are not completely extinct, flares of life do seem to come up once and then from the graveyard of these brands. BlackBerry continues to make smartphones running on its competitor’s mobile OS (Android), Nokia has subcontracted its trademark name to another player to produce devices under its name.

Motorola is now making device; well sort of! Motorola in partnership with Google released the 2011Motorola XOOM, the first legendary Android 3.0 Honeycomb-powered tablet that threatened the reign of iPad for the first time. Though it failed to get as much traction as the interest it elicited due to lack of tablet-specific apps.

Later that year, Motorola released an update to XOOM, which became the last tablet it ever made until now. The newest (just released) Motorola tablet is nothing close to a blockbuster, but the fact it is coming from the company that was once an electronics giants sure captures a lot of attention.

However, the company did not even announce its release; it was Lenovo. Actually, it is Lenovo that made the Motorola tablet, and it bears a striking resemblance to the Lenovo Tab 4 10”. The tablet even comes with the Lenovo common UI tweaks, such as user switch at the lock screen.

The new tab dubbed Lenovo Moto TabTM , but it is a very basic tablet, no major features to be overtly excited about. The tablet is being sold exclusively at AT&T, and comes with the Snapdragon 625, 2GB RAM, and an on-board 32GB storage expandable via a microSD card. The tablet comes running Android 7.1 and has a kids mode that will enable you safely let your stubborn kid with it as you lock down any apps or content you wouldn’t have them access.

The Moto Tab also comes with a fingerprint sensor, dual speakers at the front, and USB Type-C port. AT&T is retailing the tab at a full-price of $299.99 or a plan of $15/month for 20 months.

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