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A New ‘Apple’ in the Making? Mobile Startups You Need to Know About

by Fahad Saleem

Despite the increased competition in different fronts, Apple recently announced that their new tablets and phone lines had achieved record sales in numbers with their stock price reaching as high as $500 USD. It is evident that the company isn’t going to slow down in the many fronts it has taken the plunge into despite the post Jobs era. In between all those record sales and rising stock prices, one can’t help but notice that Apple’s devices no longer illicit the same feeling of innovativeness and coolness they used to. They seem they have been around for so long; our grandparents used to own them, and they are still around at the current time with little differentiation in terms of customer appeal. If you are fed up with the conventional big names, their lack of innovations and cutting edge new designs, it is suggested that you try these new phones which may have the potential to challenge the little Mac logo in the long term

Jolla Sailfish

For all the Linux lovers who have a trend of always ending up with Linux as their operating system, Jolla Sailfish is your best bet. This smartphone has some very innovative and stylish features coupled with Sailfish OS which is Linux based operating system to enhance your pleasure. To satisfy the app needs of the customers, you have access to the Android Apps market thus avoiding the app pitfall that many of new operating systems have to face like Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS. Any new smartphone company has to deal with a lot of difficulties that eventually become the cause of the company’s downfall but the Sailfish team has done a magnificent job and is one of the most polished new brands there is.
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Fairphone like its name suggests, actually lives up to its name: it is being billed as the first ethical smartphone with some serious hipster credentials. It makes sure that the materials used to build it with are sourced from conflict free zones. The manufacturer has a good system in place that ensures that the workers aren’t maltreated and underpaid.

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Although not exactly new to the market, given it is from the same company that developed the popular Ubuntu OS. This company now wants to bring their Ubuntu OS to the world of smartphones manufacturing. They previously introduced another handset called Edge but it did not perform as impressive in terms of sales.

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Cyanogen and Oppo N1

It is hard to believe that once it was the most popular Android-based phone in the market, a position currently held by Samsung. The company has now invested more of their efforts in superior hardware development. This phone comes with highly innovative and rich feature camera that is quite easy to use. This company’s prime policy is to keep innovation the main core of their activities, a concept which Apple seems to be lacking over the years.

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