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Remote Messages Allows Sending iMessages from Windows, Android OS and More

by Fahad Saleem

The distinction between SMS and IM (instant messaging) has been getting more and more blurry over the years. Users are now spoilt of choice by a plethora of apps for texting for iOS and Android based phones. Leading this pack of texting apps is the iMessage in terms of popularity with the iPhones users. The iMessage app is available to all the Apple’s OS from iPhones, iTab to the MAC OS X for computers. It can be said to have outdone Whatsapp given that with iMessage you can text from your MAC, while Whatsapp doesn’t enable you to text from your PC. The only downside of iMessage is that Windows users can’t enjoy its use, since Apple doesn’t have the official Windows clients. To address this, there is a solution provided by a third party that functions with jail-broke iDevices. Remote Messages has been present in the Cydia store for some time now, but it has been recently been updated for Ios7 and comes with some great features.


remote messages 3

The procedure for setting up the Remote Messages on iPhone is pretty simple. First run the stock setting App and enable the tweak option from the varieties of options it will provide. At this point you will be able to see the IP address and the port on the screen. To enhance your security level, you should turn on the Authentication option. It will prompt you to enter your username and password. You should also enable the SSL option on the remote messaging to enhance your user experience; although the SSL option is still at its infancy stages of development.

remote messages 2


Once the tweak has been installed on your device, run the browser from your handheld devices. Enter your Port number and IP address on the address bar. The correct format for entering this information on your browser is as shown below: 333

If both devices are under the same network, you will see the conversation in the right hand pane of the device. You can chat to any contact by searching it. You can attach the images from your computer or attach the device’s camera roll for snapping more pictures. You can even add the subject line to your message by clicking the third button on the right side of ‘send’.


remote messages 1

The Remote Messages has some additional settings that can be accessed by hitting the gear icon in the bottom-right corner. Through these options, you can even start sending texts by pressing Enter key and enable voice notifications on the desktop.

Some people might consider iMessage just another tweak app that helps in texting others. However, its unique feature of allowing the computer to send messages helps those people who are working in offices where mobiles aren’t allowed. They can send texts from Computer easily.

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