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New Leaked High Quality iPhone 6 Photos Reveal More Details

by Fahad Saleem

New Leaked High Quality iPhone 6 Photos Reveal More Details

The iPhone 6 photos are leaked yet again by a source that has been following the news related to the release of iPhone 6 very closely. The images, revealing the finished casing of the Space Gray iPhone 6, suggest that the antenna breaks to the rear side of the device are not impressive to say the least. The overall structure is not as stylish as was expected, considering the iPhone 6 specs and features. The marks of the antenna are not as obvious though. The design is not as shiny and polished as if it were all metallic.

Apart from the antennas, the iPhone 6 images don’t suggest much about its specs and overall features. We expect iPhone 6 to possess the rounded profile in very much similar way to the iPad Air and the iPad Mini 2. It is expected that the Antennas will not spoil the looks of the device.


iphone 6 leaked images  2

iphone 6 leaked images  3

The enthusiasts of Apple’s devices already know much about the upcoming devices from Apple.  Plenty of rumors have suggested that Apple is going to release two versions of its next major flagship in the Special Event at the Flint Centre for Performing Arts on the campus of Cupertino on September 9. It is expected that Apple will hold the launch of the bigger variant of iPhone 6 model (5.5 inch) till October due to some issues in its manufacturing. However, it will be unveiled in the September event.

iphone 6 leaked images  4


iphone 6 leaked images 1

The lovers of iDevices should be ready for something substantial on September 9 since another interesting release is around the corner also in the form of iWatch. The Cupertino company is looking to make the most of the 30th anniversary of the Steve Jobs’ releasing of the very first Mac.


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