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Rumors: New Thin-and-Light MacBook Pro to be launched at Apple’s Oct 27th event

by Felix Omondi
Rumor: New Thin-and-Light MacBook Pro to be launched at Apple’s Oct 27th event

Other than the 12-inch MacBook, all other Macs out there are at least over 1-year-old; the majority are actually significantly older. Given the brand’s cult-like followers, Apple fans are probably feeling a little too old now, as far as their favorite desktop computing device is concerned. Well, the company needs to match consumers’ expectations on the desktop space as it did with the release of iPhone 7.

New MacBook Pro

These rumors were first reported by a Japanese site Mac Otakara. The site often publishes reliable leaks about the Apple’s Asian supply chain. The published rumors about the coming release of the MacBook Pro is in line with previous rumors that have been doing rounds throughout this year.

The rumored MacBook Pro 13 and 15-inch version are said to be thin-and-light as Apple adopts USB Type-C ports. The company will at the same time keep pro-users happy by having more ports and an additional Thunderbolt 3 support installed on the new Pro.

Other features include a customizable OLED functional key bar, TouchID and AMD’s ‘Polaris’ Family GPUs. We expect the chip to be Intel’s Skylake CPUs given Kaby Lake are not due for release until 2017.

New MacBook Air

There are also rumors that new MacBook Air could also be released. The 13-inch version is said will come with Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C ports; these ports are set to replace all the currently existing ports in the Air laptops currently in the market. That is the USB Type-A, Thunderbolt 2, and the Magsafe 2.

While there is no confirmation as to just how many ports they will be, but we should at the very least expect more than one port on the Air 13 version. If the design is going to stay the same. However, as for the Air 11-inch version, it is said it will be completely removed from Apple’s lineup; it is an entry-level laptop anyway. That makes sense considering the 12-inch Mac is not only thinner and lighter but also performs better than the 11-inch. Although it is significantly more expensive.

There are also some aspects of the MacBook Air 13 users wish Apple could revisit. Things like the non-existence of Retina and the non-IPS 1440X900 display. These specs are actually far below the industry standards.

These are all just rumors awaiting to be confirmed or expelled come October 27 at the Apple event. We will certainly keep you in the know as the events unfold.

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