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How to Stop Shockwave Flash Player Crashing in Google Chrome

by Fahad Saleem

How to Stop Shockwave Flash Player Crashing in Google Chrome

Many of us prefer using Google Chrome as your default browser since it puts a little burden on your RAM and offers simplest interface with a good range of options. However, there are some problems in this browser too. Many users report Shockwave Player crashing problem in Chrome. In this article, I will show you how to fix this issue in a straightforward manner.

Google Chrome carries an additional advantage over other browsers for containing its own Adobe Flash Player for streaming videos from various video sharing servers. If you run another browser that requires you to download and install Flash Player then conflict will definitely occur and it may crash on either browser or both.

For checking the Flash Player configuration in Google Chrome, type about the plugins in the address bar and then hit Enter. This will bring the page of information about all plugins currently installed in your Google Chrome. You should search for the entries containing the keywords like Shockwave player or Flash player. If you see two or more of these players, then you have installed more than one version of these players.

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Have a glance at the top right of the plugins page and you will see “Details” here. You need to click this link to show more information about each of the extensions. You can find the filename associated with each plugin next to the Location. Analyze this information and you will observe that one is stored under [your user folder]Appdata\Local\Google\Chrome. This is the integrated plugin of Chrome. The other Flash Player will be located in C\Windows\…The path names may vary depending upon your version of Windows. If both of these options offer the Disable option, then they are active and are a definite source of crashing of your browser.

You can now easily choose which Flash Player to retain. Disable the one you don’t want to keep integration with chrome. The browser will use only one plugin. Your problem will be solved easily.

It is obvious that the Flash Player crashing problem is due to the conflict of two or more versions integrated with the same browser. The problem is solved by keeping only one integration at a time. If the problem still persists, you need to keep switching your plugins by enabling them one by one until you find the best option.


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