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Summer Educational Experience at Kent (SEEK) School

by Tiffany Linzan

logo_kentWant something educational for your child to do over the summer? Kent School—located in Connecticut—is offering a SEEK program for high school students grades 9-12.

Not your average SEEK program: This SEEK program is unlike your ordinary summer program. Students approach science and engineering studies from an entrepreneurial standpoint, learning not only the necessary skills of scientific learning, but also how to apply those skills in the business world.

Amazing Staff: Educators from U. Penn’s Wharton Business School, Harvard Kennedy School, and the Georgia Tech Integrated Product Lifecycle Engineering (IPLE) Laboratory will be partnering with Kent School to deliver attending students a top-notch learning experience.

Great Environment: Connecticut’s beautiful and relaxing surroundings provide students with the break they truly deserve from the usual and hectic settings of high school hallways. Kent School’s program takes advantage of this state’s ambiance by engaging students through an environmentally interactive curriculum. Students should expect no further confinement beyond their ending semesters; anywhere and everywhere is a classroom at Kent School.img_0665

Affordable Tuition: Does this sound too good to be true? Worried about the costs? The course and boarding costs will leave you shocked. The quality of learning and experience surely exceeds the required costs. Typical costs for similar Robotics and Engineering programs will cost you thousands for the course alone. Take advantage of this SEEK program’s affordability and financial aid. Yes—financial aid. This is too good, but true.

Give your child the experience of exploration and accreditation. Send them to Kent School for this summer’s SEEK program. For more information visit the Kent School webpage and check out the SEEK program brochure. For last year’s and next year’s SEEK program experiences, visit the Kent School Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates and information on STEM programs for students.

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