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The Expert Way of Getting More Followers on Instagram

You probably know there’re More Women Than Men on Instagram, but here’s why

Do you think that you could be doing more on Instagram and gaining more followers, but have no idea what you are doing? Do you want to grow your Instagram account and don’t know where to start?

Instagram is a great social media app that can help you share your life with the world. Whether it be a picture of your morning latte or even what you are wearing, Instagram has become an essential tool for many people.

However, not all of us are photographers and have been blessed with the talent to take good photos. If you want to increase your following on Instagram but aren’t sure how this article will share some expert tips and tricks to make that happen.

Take high-quality photos

Gaining followers on Instagram is not an easy task at all, especially if you are starting right from the beginning or only have a few followers. Gaining followers typically works in an exponential fashion, where the more followers you have, the faster you will gain even more, because of how many people are sharing your content.

This means that starting out with little to no followers will make it tricky to grow, especially if you aren’t using an Instagram growth service like Growthsilo. One way that you can go about improving your account and optimizing it for follower growth, is by making sure that all of your content is top quality. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram prides itself on its luxurious style and look, and in order to grow, you need to fit in with this.

This means making sure you have the right equipment to take good quality photos, and knowing the basics about photo editing to make your images look the absolute best they can. With desirable-looking images like this, people will be more likely to follow you.

Use hashtags that are relevant to your niche

Getting more followers can be exceptionally difficult, especially if you aren’t marketing to the right audience. One way to go around this is by using hashtags. Hashtags are by far one of the best tools available to both individuals and businesses on Instagram and something that everyone should make use of when trying to gain more followers.

Hashtags make it incredibly easy for you to reach far more people and even reach people who are part of your niche and target audience. Just remember that to reach this niche audience, you need to use hashtags that are related to your content. Anything else would be pretty useless because you won’t be marketing to the right audience.

Engage with other users

Gaining followers on Instagram isn’t only all about posting the best photos and videos possible. There is a lot more than you can do to grow your account and gain more followers. One of the best ways to do this is by engaging with other users.

Engaging is one of the core elements of social media and something that you should take advantage of to reach more people. When you engage with your audience and other users, you are not only making your account come across as more approachable and personable, but you are also encouraging others to engage with you.

Share interesting content from others in your industry

When it comes to posting on Instagram, it is not always about posting your own content. While this was the case a few years ago, nowadays, people like to celebrate and appreciate other users’ content too.

A great way to go about doing this, and gain followers in the process, is by sharing content from other users to your page. Typically, people will do this in their Instagram Stories as it is a lot easier to share it this way, and even allows for users to click through to the other users’ accounts.

Check out the different types of ads

Lastly, for those looking to gain more followers on Instagram, you could consider paid advertising. Typically, this is reserved for businesses and brands looking to get their content pushed to people who fall part of their niche.

When it comes to advertising on Instagram that is paid for, there are a variety of options to choose from, and you just need to choose the right one that is suited to your budget and marketing needs.

Engagement strategies

If you are looking to grow your following on Instagram, then you need to consider how the algorithm works, and how visible your profile is to potential new followers. If your account is inactive or has very little engagement, then Instagram is going to be a lot less likely to rank your posts highly or suggest you to new followers.

To help overcome this, make sure you think about different kinds of engagement strategies that you can use. A common one is to set aside some time to engage with your followers who have posted on your recent images. This shows that you want to form a connection with your audience, as well as having time for them.

If you are looking for a more fun way to get your audience involved with you, and your profile, then you could consider running frequent events, such as competitions, giveaways, or holding a weekly quiz. If you have never created or held a quiz before and are unsure about where to start, there is no need to be apprehensive. There is plenty of helpful and useful information out there, such as Quizgecko where you can easily create your own quiz.

Thinking about how you can engage your current audience is a great way to please the algorithm, and therefore boost your profile ranking, and visibility to new followers.

So, if you are looking into how you can grow a following on Instagram, why not consider implementing one of these ideas into your growth strategy, and seeing how it helps your follower count?

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