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Time Saving Tips, Tricks and Tools for Social Media Management

by Fahad Saleem

Time Saving Tips, Tricks and Tools for Social Media Management

Social media offers plenty of ways for promotion of your small business like sharing posts on social media about your products, snap photos and put them on Instagram like apps etc. You need to manage time from your hectic business life for effective social media marketing. I will take you through some of the most effective time-saving tips for social media management.

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Use Social Media Management Tools

If you log into your social media accounts and start creating real-time posts, your whole day will be utilized in this activity. You need to work on social media sites to the same extent, but in lesser time by using tools like VerticalResponse. It pre-schedules and posts directly from your account. You may also use tools like TweetDeck, HootSuite, or SproutSocial.

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With the help of the aforementioned tools, you can view and post to many social media networks from one central dashboard. Have a glance at HootSuite dashboard that shows all your feeds side-by-side. In this case, you can easily see a Twitter and LinkedIn feed.

social media time 1

You can also schedule your posts before time.

social media time 2

You can schedule posts for the whole week coming ahead. This strategy will save a lot of time for you.

Identify Areas for Creating More Time

Social media is considered more of a leisure and entertainment source rather than a useful business marketing tool. You must manage time from your busy routine for running social media marketing campaign efficiently. You may use following tips to identify areas for creating more time.

  • Use a central hub for posting to all your social media. For this purpose, you may utilize tools mentioned earlier.
  • Budget at last half hour a day for social media scoping.
  • You need to have customer service team member for responding to the queries of clients and customers on social media.
  • You need to use a social media reporting system to analyze metrics and measure return on investment.

social media 3

Another key aspect of saving more time on social media is to cut time wastage in other niches as mentioned below.

  • Reduce time in strategizing social media marketing campaign.
  • Identify social media content for sharing in minimum possible time.
  • Spend less time in identifying competitors’ strategies.
  • Have experts to use social media marketing tools instead of wasting time learning them.

Cut Back on Social Media Sites

Social media presence is ideal for boosting the marketing efforts of your business. There are many social media platforms that contain huge number of customer-base. If you juggle your efforts among all social media platforms, it will take a lot of time. Identify the social media sites where you could find most of your customers. Your social media marketing campaign efforts will be more directed and you will be able to save a lot of time for spending efforts in other key business areas.

By now, You must have devised a proper plan for managing your social media marketing campaign, after reviewing the mentioned tips. You will be able to optimize time management for sharing stuff on social media.

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