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Try AR Now: Best Augmented Reality Apps and Games for Android and iOS

by Fahad Saleem

We all have been hearing a lot about Augmented Reality apps lately. But have you ever wondered what Augmented Reality really is and how does it work? Well, nothing beats practically trying AR. Here are the best Augmented Reality apps and games you can download and try now.

Best Augmented Reality Apps and Games

Pokemon Go

You must be aware of Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is the biggest and famous augmented reality game. The concept is simple: the game shows you Pokemon in your surroundings. The app makes it look as if the Pokermons are in front of you, or hiding in the bushes in the nearby park.

Ink Hunter

Ink Hunter is the best augmented reality app for iPhone. The app uses AR to help users actually try different tattoos on their bodies before getting them in reality. Ink Hunter uses colored and black and white tattoos. Just select a tattoo and point the camera to the body part you want it to be. The app will imprint the tattoo on your body in the imaginary world.

The Machines

The Machines is perhaps the most advanced Augmented Reality games for iPhone. The Machines lets you transform yourself into a fighting machine using the immersive AR features. You can turn your room, table, bathroom (eh?) into a fighting arena and challenge your friends. Here is an excellent video showing The Machines AR in action.




This is the most mysterious and useful augmented reality app ever developed. With WallMe, you can leave messages on any wall of the world. These messages could only be read by people who have the WallMe app. Suppose, your friend left a message at your college’s northern wall and told you to check that out. You go to the place, point your camera to the exact spot and the WallMe app will show you the message. This AR app gives a nice, encrypted and secret way to communicate.

Google Translate

Google Translate is the best manifestation of Augmented Reality in action. Last year I was in Budapest, Hungary. I was looking for a restaurant, and couldn’t understand the language written on the sign boards. I took out my phone, opened Google Translate app, and bam! The app showed me English translation of every board I pointed my camera towards.

Euclidean Lands

This addictive AR game, like its name, is a pure brain teaser. The augmented reality app is a puzzle game consisting of blocks. With AR features, you can project these beautiful blocks in the real world and figure them out.

AR Dragon

AR Dragon is the most downloaded free Augmented Reality app. Why is it so popular? Because it lets you pet a dragon! You can hatch a dragon and keep it as your pet. The dragon will go along with you wherever you go as long as you have the AR app opened. You can feed the dragon and play catch with it.

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Dasha Maksimenko October 19, 2017 - 4:15 am

Oh God, I already want to download the app with a home dragon. It’s so amazing and so nice. it’s so cute. where can I find it? I found applications that use AR technology and work outside. I think they are worthy of attention too.

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