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Adventures in Social Media: Mistakes You’re Making On Social Media

by Shirley Schutt

Adventures in Social Media: Mistakes You’re Making On Social Media
Social MediaWe’ve all had to start somewhere. Heck, I’m on my third go right now. If you’re a brand or a small business, the social media “monster” is something you’re just going to have roll up your sleeves and overcome.

But what if you have already have a social media account? Maybe you have a couple of account but no “bites.” No interaction with your audience — No “likes.” What then?

I’m of the belief that you to know where you’re problem lies before you can find a solution.  Here are some common social media mistakes (and solutions) that some brands makes:

Mistake: Lacking personality and keeping it strictly business without injecting any insight into your brand. Posting nothing but articles related to your business.

Solution: So you have a social media account. Congratulations. So does most of your competitors.  How you differentiate yourself is by showing off your personality. Post a great article, funny meme, create a behind-the-scene look from your office or a day-in-the-life post from upper management.  The point is to reassure your fans that a real live human being is behind the social media account and not a robot.

Mistake: Jumping on multiple platforms at once without getting a handle on at least one.

Solution: Slow and steady wins the race! Instead of jumping in with both feet, start slow with one account before taking on an additional platform. But before you tackle that additional account, I recommend would researching the vitality of that account to your business. Don’t waste your time chasing the newest, hottest, if it’s of no use to your business.

Mistake: Forgetting to monitor those status

Solutions: Check those stats!! It’s important to see where your numbers are coming from, what your readers are doing and how often they interact with you. This helps you craft articles and links to your audience ‘likes.’ There are a number of software, apps and insights that you can use — So use them!

Mistake: Failing to complete your profile information

Solution: It might not seem like a big deal but you don’t want to leave an opportunity on the table because you forgot to completely fill out a profile. Make sure everything is filled out so that people can reach you easily and get information about your brand.

Mistake: Failing to implement your branding across the board.
Solution: Keep your branding consistent! You want to develop a strong brand across that board for easy recognition. Your social media accounts should have the same look and feel as your website.

Mistake: Inconsistent posting

Solution: Post regularly or keep a schedule. People like to visit their favorite site regularly. Give them a reason to come back. If posting daily is too much, implement an app like HootSuite that allows you to schedule your posts well in advance.

Mistake: Not interacting with your audience

Solutions: I hate stumbling across a Facebook page or blog and seeing a ton of questions with no reply. This is a missed opportunity. Interact with your readers and audience. Answer questions, provide solutions or just be generous with your time. Readers appreciate that; which in turn can turn to brand loyalty.

Mistake: Running away from complaints

Solutions: Complaints suck. But if you’re a brand, it’s inevitable to happen. Don’t exacerbate the issue by mishandling the complaint. Instead, use social media as a way to show your personality and empathy.

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