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Biggest Social Media Trends for 2020 To Get Prepared For

Biggest Social Media Trends for 2020 To Get Prepared For

Biggest Social Media Trends for 2020 To Get Prepared For

Social media has become a big part of our lives and we use it every day for our daily communication, entertainment or business. Since social media has a big impact on our lives in many different ways it is always good to keep up with all the trends.

Apart from our communications and entertainment, social media has become essential for every business. Comprehending social media is as important as understanding odds before betting in horse racing. If your business still does not have an established online presence on social media platforms there is a good chance you will get outrun by the competition.

Since the digital world is constantly improving and we live in times where new trends come up every day, we decided to highlight some of the biggest trends for the upcoming year.

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Ephemeral Content Will Continue to Grow

Snap Chat introduced us to ephemeral content, which is content that appears for a short amount of time and disappears afterward. Since then, Facebook and Instagram integrated ephemeral content and it is performing flawlessly. This type of content has established a growing rate of over 100% since 2017.

Marketers have noticed this trend and use it to their advantage of advertising content. This means that you should focus more on creating engaging content that would only appear for a short period of time.

Niche Platforms Will Be a Good Option

Some people don’t even know that platforms other than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube even exist. However, they’ve been constantly growing and have come to a point where you might use them to your advantage. Most of the platforms like TikTok are perfect for niche businesses or LinkedIn is the best at B2B relations.

This is why businesses would have to establish an online presence on all significant social media platforms in order to attract more customers and build a successful brand. Focusing on many social media platforms might require a larger investment, but it would be worth it.

Instagram Will Not Show Likes

This is probably the biggest news that concerned a lot of businesses, influencers, and regular people. They announced that they are working on a module that will remove the number of likes showing under the content. They even tested this with a beta version and soon it will apply this change globally.

There were a lot of reactions due to this decision, and the majority of people think that Instagram would only implement this in order to establish bigger earnings just because people would spend more money on advertising.

Infuse Social Media with eCommerce

This trend has already started and some of the biggest social media platforms already have shop options. Providing an option where you can build your own eCommerce store through social media is great for businesses or entertainment companies who want to earn more money by selling some of their products. The online retail industry will continue to grow and it is very important to build your shops in order to catch that trend.

Video Content Performing Much Better

It is no secret that video content performs much better than any other type of content. However, this trend will continue to grow and become dominate over social media engagement. Whether it is short videos or long-form YouTube videos they would be the future of social media content.

According to some studies, by 2022, 82% of all content online would be in video format. This shows the importance of focusing on creating great video content that engages viewers.

Technology Adaptation on Social Media

Since technology is constantly improving, there are a lot of new ways of showing content or engaging with customers. This means that you have to anticipate technology changes and implement them on your social media platforms. Stuff like VR and AR technology, cloud systems, motion recognition and much more would become essential for building a strong brand.

These are some of the social media trends that you need to pay attention to. Social media platforms like it or not are everywhere around us, so it is very important that you anticipate these trends and adapt in order to succeed.

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