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Blue Light Glasses: How Do They Work and What Are Their Benefits?


Many of us spend hours in front of a computer screen every day. Whether we are chatting with friends, developing a website or simply browsing the latest social media posts, such habits have become commonplace. While there is no doubt that the Internet offers a host of advantages, it may also be associated with some health drawbacks. Did you know that the blue light emitted from computer screens can wreak havoc with your eyes? This is why some individuals tend to develop headaches if they remain seated in front of a computer for extended periods of time. The good news is that blue light glasses can help to alleviate such conditions. Let’s take a closer look at the technology behind these revolutionary devices.

What are Blue Light Glasses?

As the name already suggests, the main intention of blue light glasses is to block certain wavelengths of light (blue and ultraviolet in particular). This is accomplished through the use of a special coating placed directly over the lenses. Once the coating has been applied, these types of light (such as light emitted from televisions, tablets and smartphone screens) will be blocked to a large extent. However, normal wavelengths are still allowed to penetrate.

A Quick Look at the Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

There are several issues that individuals may encounter when staring at screens for long periods of time. A handful of the most common include:

Dry eyes


The potential disruption of sleeping patterns


Headaches and migraines

As certain screen glasses such as those manufactured by Barner are capable of blocking up to 100 percent of blue light within certain portions of the spectrum, the chances are high that the problems mentioned above can be resolved.

However, we also need to keep in mind that blue light glasses are not only intended for indoor use. Let’s keep in mind that the ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun can damage certain portions of the eye (such as the cornea) over time. So, it makes perfect sense that a growing number of individuals choose to wear these blue light glasses when enjoying outdoor activities such as a day at the beach.

Style has likewise been taken into consideration. Modern glasses are now available in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs. Engineered for both men and women, even the most discriminating of tastes can be satisfied. There are also contact lenses that can now filter blue light. You can get a pair from Contact Lenses Plus.

Many experts predict that we will be spending even more time in front of digital screens in the coming years. This is why the long-term health of our eyes needs to be taken very seriously. While it is always wise to step away from any project for a few minutes every hour, this might not be enough. Those who are concerned about their eyes or who have been experiencing any issues should make it a point to consider blue light glasses. In terms of their advantages, seeing is believing.

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