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Facebook Messenger Testing Voice-to-Text Conversions

by Fahad Saleem

Facebook Messenger Testing Voice-to-Text Conversions

Facebook has just introduced an innovative feature in its Messenger app for mobile devices that converts voice messages into text. Earlier, the feature of sending voice messages to your buddies was released. You could send voice messages to your friends by tapping the microphone icon and recording the message. Now, the Messenger can additionally convert your audio into a regular Facebook text message.

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The latest feature of Facebook Messenger listens to the audio clip and then posts the typed version below the audio according to the media reports. This feature is rolled out for a test group at the moment. The test feature will be launched at wider scale once it gets successful.

Facebook Messenger will be very useful after incorporating the voice-to-text conversion feature. You don’t have to type the text every time, as you can share short audio clips. If you receive voice messages from your friends, the Messenger can decode them for you in the form of regular text messages. You don’t have to play out audio clip loud every time.

The feature of being able to decode the voice of your friends in the form of text is quite useful in cases where you are unable to listen to voice messages such as in an official meeting, library, or at noisy places like concert.

The rolling out of the test feature was shared by David Marcus, Vice President of messaging products at Facebook in his Facebook post. He aims to introduce innovation in Messenger app to compete with giants like Viber and WhatsApp.



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