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How Does White Label Digital Marketing Work?


You watch hundreds of ads every day for the products and services you use. Almost all of these ads are produced by industry-renowned names: The names of award-winning advertising agencies hardly change. However, the reality may be different than you think. An ad that you admire and won an award may have been produced by an “anonymous” agency. The website you use and the services offered on it can be part of a package. In short, the biggest agencies in the advertising and marketing industry may actually do nothing and run all their businesses through anonymous heroes. In this article, we will talk about white label digital marketing and explain what it really means with examples.

What Is White Label Marketing?

A white label product or service can be rebranded for any company. This type of product is very common, especially in the Chinese market. For example, several laptops are produced in different designs in China, but no brand is printed on them. Any company can buy these laptops in bulk and resell them with their own brand. This is a white label product: It is produced anonymously by a company and can be rebranded for any company.

White label marketing works in a similar way. This means reselling the marketing services. The company using this service can make it look like its own. A white label marketing agency offers marketing services that can be resold under another company’s brand. Let’s give some examples:

Web Design: A business hires an agency to design its own website. This agency gives the job to another advertising agency. This advertising agency prepares an “empty” website design to which any brand can be added. The first agency submits the work by adding the relevant brand to the completed website.

Content Services: White label agencies prepare SEO content templates (for example, advertising texts with keywords) that can be used for any product or service and offer them for sale in bulk. Any business or agency can buy these texts, add their own branding, and quickly increase their rank in search results.

Social Media Management: A business hires an agency to manage its social media accounts. However, this agency has no social media expert. Instead of hiring a specialist, it hires another agency and manages the social media accounts through an “intermediary”. The white label agency does not contact with the client directly but still works for the client.

All these examples show that white label marketing services fall into two basic categories:

1. The white label agency already has a product or service that can be adapted to any brand. All that is done is to add the brand of the relevant company to this product or service.

2. The white label agency works as a third party and creates the required product or service from scratch. But it doesn’t use its own name: The agency or business that hired it owns the completed job.

It is even possible to use these services for exotic purposes such as online slot games. For example, if you want to promote a game such as the Fire Joker slot, you can purchase content from a white label agency or have this content created from scratch.

The Benefits of White Label Marketing

White label marketing has many advantages for both the client and the seller. Let’s assume that an advertising agency has a project for promoting a certain cryptocurrency on social media and it needs to prepare several SEO compatible texts for it. This requires a copywriter who is knowledgeable about both SEO rules and cryptocurrencies. Such writers are rare and costly: Finding them will take too long and cost too much. Instead, the agency can purchase the same service much cheaper from a white label agency that already owns such a copywriter. In other words, it can complete the project it undertakes well under budget.

A white label advertising agency, on the other hand, has no business problems thanks to its connections: There is always an agency or business that needs help. By offering its services at more affordable prices, it works with more customers in the long run and earns more. In short, this is a win-win situation: both sides have an advantage.

The number of white label marketing agencies is increasing. The popularity of this type of marketing will continue to grow, and many more businesses and agencies will continue to benefit from it: In the future of the advertising industry, white label marketing has an important place for sure.

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