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Facebook to make Instagram DM a standalone messaging app complete with video call

by Milicent Atieno

A little over a week ago, Facebook issued an update for its Instagram app. The tech-savvy guy dug into the new update and reached the conclusion the Instagram app was now redesigned and acts more like a messaging app.

Thanks to the update, now Instagram users can now see when their friends were last on the Direct Messaging (DM) part of the app. Much like what we see on WhatsApp and Messenger ‘Last Seen’ feature. By the way, if you are not impressed with the idea of someone knowing when you were last on the DM part of Instagram, or whether or not you read their messages (thanks to the new Read Receipt feature that came with the update), head on to this article on how to turn the feature off.

It is worth noting the update makes the Instagram app across Android, iOS, and even Windows 10 behave the same. So the DIY trick applies across all those platforms. From the looks of things, Facebook wants to make Instagram DM a standalone app, separate and different from the News Feed with square picture posts. The platform will become much like the two separate standalone apps, Facebook app, and Messenger app, which were once one simple app.instagram video call

Once Instagram DM has been yanked out of the rest of Instagram, it will more or less operate like Snapchat. WABetainfo has dug deep into the new Instagram app for iOS and discovered the DM part has a code for supporting video calls. As we said, the code is hidden, meaning it is still under development and thus currently inactive. But have no doubt, Instagram will be split into two, with the DM part supporting video and voice calls; acting more or less like Snapchat.

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