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Marketing Communication, Why it’s so Important to Send out the Right Message


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Marketing communication is a set of activities that support the sales process. It is divided into global or focused marketing communication. It begins with the right software, impeccable systems for communication. This includes the internet and phone systems. Then you will know that your connection is perfect. You may want to look at dsl internet to ensure you are always well connected. After all, communication is not just based on words we speak, it is the emails we write and the social campaigns we implement.

In the past, business owners engaged in global marketing communications believing that they will increase sales immediately. The greater their chances of increasing sales are if they market their business. This is true but as any professional pr services would advise, it must be done properly. Now, companies are aware that it is important to market a business correctly. The focus has shifted to digital. Using the Internet only to promote their business. It often has a higher success rate. Digital media, such as Facebook will provide better conversion rates and sales will increase. Therefore, before marketing activities, it is important to define the marketing communication strategy. It should be completed in accordance with the characteristics of the business and the products and services it sells.

Marketing Communication Mix

Advertising – This means, a quality website, daily press, professional magazines. Billboard advertising and within digital media such as Google and Facebook.

Targeted marketing – Building customer databases and mailing promotions and email marketing. You can use telephone apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram when the idea is targeted personal exposure to potential customers.

Public Relations – Designed to spread overt and covert messages to promote a business or specific products. By positioning and building a positive image, this can be achieved. You may use professional lectures, press releases, seminars and conferences. You may use sponsorships and donations, community relations, customer events, newsletters and more.

Promotion – Benefits, discounts and other “treats” that aim to encourage the customer. It will offer them a good user experience and encourage them to purchase again.  For example: fairs and exhibitions, exhibitions, gift vouchers, coupons, and more.

Image – The business image deals with reputation and creating a positive image that brings customers. It is made up of a set of components such as: service agreement, branded clothing, customer satisfaction survey, effective customer complaint handling, customer recommendations, image articles about business owners, etc. Your brand image is important.

Building a marketing plan

When we come to build an effective marketing plan, it is very important to emphasize the mix of marketing communications. Communication goals are key. The marketing process is mainly psychological. We are vastly interested in influencing the customers’ reaction. This can be done on a conscious, emotional or behavioral level. It is important that you seek to always combine goals depending on the type of product or service. A cognitive goal will be met if the customer has no prior acquaintance with the product / service. This means that there there is a need for exposure to new benefits and features. A behavioral goal is a motivation for immediate action. This may be an immediate purchase. It may be a motivation to experiment with a return option so we can change the customer’s behavior and remove barriers if any. It is very important to set metrics for the goals set and so we can measure and evaluate the effectiveness of all the actions we have performed. Messages help build effective campaigns that will significantly affect customers’ identification. This will make them see the brand differently and respond differently with the product / service. It will provide customers with emotional support for their purchase and positive feelings towards the brand. Positive messages will usually be conveyed through social activities. If your business has a ’cause’, this will help. For example planting a tree with every purchase. Or 5% of profits to charity. You may promote volunteering, contributing to the community, and preserving the environment. There are different types of messages and it is important to activate them depending on the products and services:

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Comparative message – The comparative message will directly direct the common sense by positively comparing products. It will / also emphasize the benefits of the products and services we market and thus transfer the customer from one brand/company to another. For example, in insurance companies, cellular companies and television broadcasters.

It is extremely important to pay attention to the structure of the message. Who is going to convey it to the customer, where it will appear and how clear it will be to the target audience? Equally important in conveying the message is what it will be based on? Will it be based on private testimonies, celebrities, experts in the field or research institutes? It takes meticulous planning to get the right message across – but it can be vital.

Procedures and work processes – It is crucial to define work procedures with internal and external parties. This should be done in the marketing processes in order to meet goals and budgets in order. You must seek to exhaust the resources invested in a way that is beneficial for increasing sales and business profitability.

Budget – The marketing communications budget will be derived from the total marketing budget. This can be determined by a certain percentage of total sales or the budgets of similar companies in the company’s field of business.

Ongoing measurement and evaluation – a very important part is the process of defining the indices for goals. You must seek to quantify them in order to test their effectiveness. Your marketing efforts must look at all contributions to the business on an ongoing basis in order to make improvements and refinements.

Business success takes time, dedication, and sometimes, money. Investing in your business is a great decision and one that should not be taken lightly. It will help your business grow, you will find that management is made easier and your team is able to combat issues much quicker and with less stress. You must ensure that you are offering your team the very best so that they can work even more effectively.

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