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by Felix Omondi

One thing is for certain; no man is an island and human beings were designed to be social beings. The art of developing the right and advantageous social skills has proven to have the power to catapult individuals up the social ladder. A concept mastered and often employed by those of us enjoying the social limelight referred to by various names including; the opinion-holders, the socialites, the role models, the mentors, the idols or simply put, the alpha-personalities if you will.

For instance, politicians know just how valuable socializing is for them to remain relevant in their career. Actors, media houses and product brands know the deal breaker lies on just how many people are you able to reach out to and influence. In the 21st century, the art of socializing has reached its highest peak yet, than at any other time in recorded history; with the advent of the internet and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn among others.

Simply put, if you want to remain relevant in the niche of the society that serves your best interest. You have to utilize the best platform for reaching out to your targeted people. In the modern world this platform in no longer just restricted to the immediate physical environment, the digital platform has widened our reach far out and wide. is one such platform, and it prides itself of reinventing the social media platform by including a comprehensive new digital platform created by DataBox Technologies LLC. is one of the most user-friendly and advanced technology social platforms for individuals and businesses to meet, connect and collaborate online. - A Contemporary Social Networking Platform Revolutionizing Social Media

The modern life is a fast moving life. In order to thrive we need to stay connected and constantly updated. Technology has shifted the paradigm of how individual connect and engage in this tech-smart world. The team of visionaries behind the creation of are experts in digital media, communications and information technology. social platform has set itself out to connect people using the latest innovative technologies while improving their lives through authentic collaboration and connection.

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