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No…WhatsApp is not pulling the plug on BlackBerry OS and Nokia S40 series just yet

by Felix Omondi

Right now owning a BlackBerry or a Symbian powered device must feel like an occupant who has received an eviction notice, and the due date is fast approaching. The device manufacturers themselves stopped supporting their respective OSs, leaving applications maker to start abandoning the platform slowly.

One of those application makers is WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging app. In February 2016, WhatsApp gave out a notice to users using BlackBerry and Symbian devices that December, they will no longer support that platform. WhatsApp planned to end support even for the recently released BlackBerry 10 OS.

Come the D-day, WhatsApp announced they extended the date for putting an end to the support to June 30th, 2017; about ten days from today. Which brings me to my earlier point, users on BlackBerry and Nokia devices must feel like occupants given eviction notice and the date to move out is fast approaching.

Well, if you happen to be one of those users, you can breathe easy. You don’t have to scatter out looking for a new mobile device supported by WhatsApp. At least not yet! WhatsApp has announced that yet again, it has extended the deadline to end support to December 31st, 2017.

However, the extended support only applies to all BlackBerry OS devices but just the Nokia S40 phones. Users on the Nokia S60, unfortunately, are not so lucky, and post June 30th, 2017, if you want to access WhatsApp, you need to buy a new device.

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