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Recover Lost, Deleted Data, Music, Contacts, WhatsApp Data in iPhone Using This Great Software

by Fahad Saleem

All of us rely heavily on the data saved in our phones. Contact numbers, messages, drafts, notes, songs, videos- hence our productivity, business and life routine depends upon data. What if this dear data gets wiped off from your iPhone suddenly, or because of some error or mistaken deletion. The effects would be deleterious and disastrous, especially for those users who are not used to taking regular backups via iCloud. Thankfully, there is an immensely productive tool “iFonebox” which lets you get recover iPhone data. The tool uses multi-pronged strategy to recover data. You can recover iPhone data using iTunes, iCloud or your device storage.

Recover Lost Data, Messages, Contacts in iPhone

The best part is that this tool supports Mac and Windows as well.You can recover notes, songs and videos, contacts, messages and all the data you saved in your iPhone using this great tool. Here’s how to do the trick.

Download iFonebox.

Now connect your iPhone with your computer.

ifone box 1

 Click “Recover from iOS Device” from the front Windows. You will see two options: Recover from iTunes Backup and Recover from iCloud Backup.

Now click on the Start button and choose the options from regarding data. You can choose Text Data or Media data depending upon your needs.

Contacts, messages, notes can be recovered directly on the device, whereas video, music, and other media data could be recovered on the machine with which the device is connected.

iFonebox will detect your iPhone after you connect it with your PC.

Click on Now from Recover from iTunes Backup option. The software will list all iTunes backup files from which you can select the one that has your lost data; click “Select” to continue.

The software will scan the data and after scanning, you can select the items you want to recover on your iPhone. Now you will get an option “Recover on PC”. Click on it and the data will be restored on your iPhone.

You can also recover your iPhone data from the iCloud using iFonebox. You do not need to connect your iPhone or iPad with your machine in order to recover the lost data.

Just click on “Recover from iCloud Backup” and sign in using your Apple ID. Now select a file in order to download data. A new window will open with two main options: Text Data and Media Data. From the list you can check and uncheck the data you want to download.

The data will be downloaded and restored.

iFonebox has the ability to download your lost WhatsApp messages and data as well.

But the cost of iFonebox is perhaps its only and biggest drawback. You can download and use it for free on a trial basis, but if you want it permanently, you will have to spend around $45, which is without any doubt a big price to pay.

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