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Russian company Tatprof pays Female Employees extra packs for coming to work in short skirts

by Milicent Atieno

For years, working women have been complaining of sexism when it comes to salaries, wages, and promotions. They say things are skewed in favor of men, where women consistently get paid less for the same work and get less promoted. Well, a Russian company Tatprof is doing the same sexist things but now favoring women.

Provided the woman comes to work wearing a short skirt or dress. Yes, Tatprof is giving female employees bonuses, not for the good job they are doing, but the eyeballs the attract and sexual tension they are causing around the workplace.

It is actually a company policy, Tatprof will be paying its female employees bonuses throughout the month of June, provided they wear short skirts and dresses to work. Just wearing one is not enough, you must prove to management that you actually showed up to work in a short skirt or dress.

That means you need to take a picture of yourself, wearing a short skirt or dress at the workplace, and send the photograph to management. The dress must be no longer than five centimeters above the knee. If you meet these conditions, you will get extra cash on your paycheck at the end of the month. The bonuses amount is about $1.51.

The Objectification of Women’s Sexuality

There is no logic behind giving someone a raise or bonus for wearing in a sexual manner other than the objectification of their sexuality. This bizarre move by Tatprof has elicited a lot of backlash on Twitter, with many netizens calling out the company on the behavior.

We wanted to brighten up our work days. Our team is 70% male. These kinds of campaigns help us switch off, rest. This is a great way to unite the team,” said Govorit Moskva, a spokesperson for Tatprof, while addressing a section of the media in Russia.

Many women automatically wear trousers to work, which is why we hope that our campaign will raise our ladies’ awareness, allowing them to feel their femininity and charm when they make the choice of wearing a skirt or dress.”

As Moskva explains, Tatprof has mostly male workers, and they want a handful of women that work in that company walking around in short skirts and dresses. It looks like the women in the company are not required much for their brains, but for the eyeball breaks when the men are feeling exhausted and need to rest their eyes away from work.

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