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Set iPhone Alarms Faster with PadClock

by Fahad Saleem

Set iPhone Alarms Faster with PadClock

Maybe I am not the only one who hates getting jammed while setting the alarm. I want it to be the easiest thing I do before sleeping. But wait, why I am telling you all this? Because there is an abetting app launched, for jailbroken devices, which will ease you through the entire procedure. I know, nobody likes hanging around some boring and stupid iOS clocks and alarm system. You all want to get rid of that annoying and stupid alarm ringing loudly during your sleepy hours.

The date picker wheels in iOS seems to be smart for many people, but when it comes to setting an alarm, especially, during late sleepy hours, in the Clock app they can really make things time consuming. Scrolling to adjust the correct hour and minute, then choosing AM or PM is not the easiest way to set an alarm.

pad lock alarms 1

 Once you install this app to your jailbroken device, the tweak has no options to set then. PadClock will save the most time offered settings set by the users which uses the phone most. Instead of those annoying wheels, when entering your alarm time, a numerical type keypad is displayed. The time is directly entered using that attractive keypad, then the AM, PM or 24 buttons can be selected.

The awesome thing about PadClock is that you can simply, whenever you want, type in when you want the alarm to jingle; there is no longer a formality to scroll down through a list of times in order adjust the alarm.

In the first beta version of PadClock that was actually tested by me, the tweak featured support for 24 hour time format. It meant that I could type in 14:00, and the alarm would set for 2:00 PM, which will definitely pull me from the annoying or super annoying confusion of time format. Unfortunately, on this beta version you are not facilitated with 24 hours’ time format, as the developer has adopted AM and PM options. While I’m not absolutely anti of the AM and PM buttons, it would be nice to be able to go through both methods for setting alarms.

Apart from that, that is all the tweak does. There are no such settings in the Settings app and no icons are added to your home screen. I prefer you guys try PadClock out and personally experience yourself how great of a tweak this is.

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