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The ‘Black Spiderman’ from Mali rescues a 4-year-old child dangling from a balcony in Paris

by Felix Omondi
Mamoudou Gassama paris france black spiderman

Mamoudou Gassama, a 22-year-old man from Mali, is now the talk of the town in Paris following his brave rescue mission on Sunday of saving a four-year-old child dangling from a balcony in the fourth floor.

Gassama single-handedly scaled up the façade of the building and hauled the little youngster to safety. All the while a big crowd gathered outside taking pictures and waiting for the fire department to arrive on the scene to handle the situation.

Gassama told the press that he was just passing by when he got attracted by the increasing crowd outside the building. Upon approaching the scene, he noticed the child hanging dangerously from the fourth-floor balcony, held by a neighbor who seemingly could not be able to pull him up.

He scaled up the balcony barefooted, and upon reaching the fourth floor. He placed one of his leg over the balcony as a way of securing himself and the reach out to the child with his right hand and saved him.

Without a second thought or thinking how much danger he will be putting his own life, Gassama scaled up the building jumping from one balcony to the next until he reached the child. The gathering crowd outside cheered him while taking photos and pictures. As you can imagine, Gassama quickly became the talk of the town, as he trended on the social network. Millions of people are said to have viewed on social media Gassama rescue the child.

Luckily, there was someone who was physically fit and who had the courage to go and get the child,” said a spokesman from the Paris firefighters team while addressing the media.

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo took to Twitter to praise the action of the young man for his “act of bravery.” The mayor is also said to have personally phoned Gassama to “thank him warmly.”

He explained to me that he had arrived from Mali a few months ago dreaming of building his life here. I told him that his heroic act is an example to all citizens and that the city of Paris will obviously be very keen to support him in his efforts to settle in France.”

French President Emmanuel Macron is also said to have invited Gassama to the Elysee Palace today (Monday) to thank him in person and honor him for his bravery.

Gassama was tracked down by reporters, who wanted to hear from him what was going through his mind before, during, and after saving the kid.

I saw all these people shouting, and cars sounding their horns. I climbed up like that and, thank God, I saved the child,” Gassama told the reporters.

I felt afraid when I saved the child… we went into the living room. I started to shake, I could hardly stand up, I had to sit down.”

The police investigations on how the child ended up dangling dangerously from the balcony reveal, both of the child’s parents were not at home at the time. It was established the mother was out of town, so the father was left in charge of the kid. The police later questioned the father on the grounds of leaving the child unattended, and he (the father) is set to appear in court later on.

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