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The Coronavirus Viral Side Effects, Fake Videos of Quarantined Neighborhoods Singing Pop Songs

by Felix Omondi

Have you seen them? Those videos of a block of neighborhoods, supposedly in Italy, where self-quarantined people come out to their balconies, and join together start singing some of the popular songs? A brilliant way to wait out the coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, or is it?

The coronavirus has people feeling mixed-feelings. Some are scared out of their wits, some are counting staggering losses, some have got an opportune chance to relax from their daily hustle and bustle. Then there are the meme kings and queens who have gotten fresh fodder for their latest attempts to go viral and crown the al-mighter ‘memers.’

Laughter is the Best Medicine, so let’s laugh at ourselves

Italy is perhaps the hardest hit European country by the virus. Statistics show that 80% of the country’s hospital beds are now occupied by patients fighting off the coronavirus infection. Additionally, all elective surgeries in the country have been canceled in an attempt to free up more bed spaces for possible increased COVID19 patients.

While the rest of the Italians, presumably in good health, who have self-quarantined at home have found innovative ways for passing the time. Some have taken to creating mariachi bands on their balconies, rooftops, and windows.

They are all singing along to popular songs, from artists like Rihanna and Beyonce, as you can see below:

Turns out, some of these videos are FAKE, and anyone with some little video editing skills can pull it off. I mean have a couple of your friends sing the song, take the MP3 file, and override the sound from the original video, and voila, a bunch of Italians on ‘house-arrest’ singing the tune you want them to sing.

Some of the artists whose songs have been embedded in some of these videos have since unknowingly reshared the fake videos on their social media accounts. Below is an example of the original video (with original soundclip) that creatives are editing out the sound to include popular songs.

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