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TipOff – Are you a Hater or a Player? A Mobile Game build on the Black Culture

by Felix Omondi

Are you looking for a fun way to pass some time away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life? One great escape it playing games, and your smartphone is a readily available gaming console. However, the fun you will have is only as good as the game you will be playing there.

Introducing TipOff

TipOff is a fun word guessing game build as a mobile app. The game draws a lot from the Black community in America and connects family and friends for a good time. Part of the money raised on the game is contributed towards scholarships in historically Black colleges.

TipOff is a multiplayer game which can be played in-person or remotely. Users will divide into teams and enter a game room code to take turns,” said Astin Hayes, the founder of TipOff.

Family and friends play the game by “tipping each other off to the keyword without saying any of the five words listed on the card. Each team member will have a turn as the ‘Player’ and as the ‘Hater.’ The player describes the keyword while the hater guards the player on each card to make sure they do not violate the rules.

The object of the game is for a team to accrue the greatest number of points by guessing each keyword correctly without saying any of the ‘blacklisted’ words on the card. Points are earned when a player’s description enables their teammates to guess the keyword correctly. Points are deducted when cards are passed or a word on the card is used. It’s similar to Taboo but for you.”

Amanda Spann, co-founder of the game adds: “The cards in the game rotate to each player’s phone, which allows for the game to be played in-person or remotely over video chat. Users can also customize the game by selecting from an assortment of free and paid word categories, of which the proceeds of many benefit STEM nonprofits and HBCU scholarship endowments.

We have a global scoreboard so players can literally become the top TipOff player in the world. Each time a person plays they can collect both team points as well as personal points that move them up in the global rankings.”

A creation by Hapii Studio

This app-based game is the fifth product coded by Spann’s founded startup, Hapii studio. Other apps the studio has produced include AfriDate. AfriDate allows you search for eligible single black people from across the world based on their nationality and ethnicity. If you are looking to date black guys and girls online, and don’t know where to start, AfriDate got you covered.

The game is available for download to both Android and iOS devices. You can take advantage of the both freemium and premium package of the game; the latter giving you richer experience that includes customization option for only 99 cents. For more details, head on to their site [].

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