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Want to make a Conference Call? Here’s a list of the best ‘Free’ option for Conference Calling

by Felix Omondi
Conference Call conference calling

As a small business, it really helps to cut down on some cost; not to be confused with being penny wise and pound foolish. One of the areas you can cut down costs is on communication. You are literally spoilt of options and you can communicate with all your business associates at the same time by way of conference call.

If you are looking to make conference call, below is a list of the best options, which happen to be free as well.

#1 – Google Hangouts

You are probably familiar with Google and all its goliath services. The tech giant provides arguably the best conference calling experience currently available out there on the internet. The service is also free and can be access on any device with a microphone, camera, and internet access.

Signing up for Google Hangouts is as easy as opening a Gmail account, and when you have signed up, you can start sending texts, photos, videos, make calls including conference calls. Google Hangouts supports up to 25 people on video or audio conference calls, and a maximum of 150 people for text chat.

However to use the service, both you and everyone on the call must have a Gmail account from which they can access Google Hangouts. If all you are looking for is audio-teleconferencing, then you can just register a phone number and you will be all set up.

#2 – Skype

Skype is perhaps the best-known conference calling solutions for years. Since it was acquired by Microsoft back in 2011, the app has undergone several UI, features, and back-end tweaking to make it an even better application for not just making conference calls but for you daily needs of communication with family and friends.

Though the app has been bogged down by few cases of security concerns, Microsoft has managed to keep it a powerful, yet easy to use instant communication platform. Over the few years, the app has undergone significant changes that will even need long time users who left the app for a few months and then got back to it, getting used to the new platform.

Skype supports video conference call of up to 25 people if every user is signed into their Skype account. You can also purchase Skype Credit or sign up for a subscription plan and call them directly to their cellular phones; this option is mainly for voice calls.

#3 – FreeConferenceCalling

As the name suggests, FreeConferenceCalling provides you with a free audio-teleconferencing without the video and text capabilities. You can make up a conference call joining up to 1,000 users at the same time; all for free.

It has a web portal where you can manage the calls and view others users connected to the calls, listen to recordings of past calls, and view the attendance. You can also make the phone call while on the move on your smartphone using either the mobile web portal or just your keypad.

#4 – FreeConferenceCall

People tend to confuse the aforementioned and FreeConferenceCall. This one enables you to make a conference call of up to 1,000 users with the addition of video and remote desktop access support. It also comes with richer user experience features including the ability to customize your meeting space, easy file sharing, schedule a one-time or repeat video conference calls.

#5 – UberConference

If you are looking for an easy way to do your conferencing calls, the UberConference provides you with a free phone and VoIP audio calls of up to 10 people. You also get unlimited conferences, calls recording, screen and document sharing.

What really differentiates UberConference and other conferencing call platforms in this list is the fact that it does not require PINs to join a conference call. You will appreciates its simplicity if you have ever tried connecting to a conference call before and did not know the PIN. When you sign up, you are given a conference call number that remains static.

The biggest disappointment with UberConference is the fact it does not support video conferencing.

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