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7 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Profile Quickly


The age of the internet has given us a lot of gifts of many kinds. One of them is social media that we have become so familiar with. It has integrated into our lives completely and we spend hours scrolling through various platforms actively. There are many purposes for doing so but regardless everyone wants to have an attractive profile. Different platforms behave in different ways and require different strategies for the best results. Instagram is one of the simplest ones in the terms of algorithms and behavior. To boost an Instagram account, you don’t have to make any extraordinary efforts. All you need to do is follow these 7 tips.

1.     Maintain An Attractive Profile

On Instagram, you get a publicly available profile that other users can see. You have the option to hide it by setting your account to be Private. It helps with privacy concerns but it is not advisable if you want unhindered progress for your profile. With an open profile, you need to make it attractive enough to create a lasting impression on whoever comes across it. There isn’t an exceptionally large scope for customization here but it is enough to create an impact. Create an attractive username and put on a high-quality display picture to represent the profile. Another small but effective change you can make is having a small but catchy bio. You can use tools like Quicktools by Picsart. With this tool, you can enrich your text with emojis, making your bio and captions stand out.

2.     Keep Up With The Trends

There is always some kind of trend going on around the internet and Instagram. You can and should involve yourself in these trends. Doing so can bring an exceptional amount of exposure to your account, thus boosting its entire presence and performance. Memes are one of the best kinds of trends you can follow these days. There is always some new topic which you can use in your photos or videos. More trends include short funny videos, dance clips, filters, and effects to name a few.

3.     Add Hashtags To Your Posts

Following the aforementioned trends will certainly help you gain attention if you pair them with proper hashtags. People might not find your trendy posts but hashtags will help find them instead. Hashtags are keyword terms related to different topics you find online. For example, you will find a photography hashtag on someone’s post of an image they clicked. Whenever someone searches for a tag, posts related to it will be displayed to them. This is how you get exposure when you include relevant tags in your posts. You shouldn’t use the most popular tags however as you can get buried under the overwhelming number of posts they contain. You can also include hashtags in your stories alongside the posts.

4.     Buy Instagram Followers

A lot of users are not aware of this particular strategy and are missing out on its amazing benefits. Buying followers is a legal practice that many have been successfully implementing for years. There are many websites from where you can buy Instagram followers at cheap prices safely. Doing so helps you increase engagement on Instagram by improving your profile’s reach and impact. This makes your profile reach more people and thus performing better than ever.

5.     Be Active On The Platform

If you want to increase engagement on Instagram, you have to be active on it. Being active here implies more than just posting content regularly. You should be active on the outside of your profile’s boundaries. Follow as many accounts similar to you as possible. At least some portion of it would follow you back. Along with that, make creative comments on their posts or those of other popular pages. Interacting with users in those comment sections can be quite effective in getting them to follow you too.

6.     Invest Into Instagram Ads

Instagram ads are a guaranteed way of boosting your profile. That is if you want to or feel the need to invest actual money on here. Instagram ads are relatively cheap and these campaigns will not be monetarily demanding of you. Paying for these ads will make your posts get recommended to a large audience of your choice. With a refined target audience, the chances of getting more engagement are nothing but high.

7.     Interact With Your Followers

To Increase engagement on Instagram you need followers, both new and old. Retaining existing followers should always be a priority. You need to make them feel wanted and needed by you. That can be achieved by interacting with them. You can hold live video sessions, exchange texts, communicate in comments, reply to their stories, and whatnot. The scope of interaction is probably the highest on Instagram than any other similar platforms.


Instagram is growing faster than ever, having billions of active users. Being exclusive to visual content makes it easy to attract the attention of people here. Being easy does not mean you don’t have to make any efforts at all. The efforts just bring better results faster on this platform. As long as you keep posting solid content, following these 7 strategies will pretty much guarantee a big boost for your profile.

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