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Which Social Media Icons Should I Put On My Card?


The social media handles you need to include on your business card largely depend on your business model and the customers you target. Different social media platforms work for different business types. Putting social media icons on a business card can help customers connect with you on many platforms. So, which ones to choose?

Small Businesses and TikTok

Small businesses that share their behind-the-scenes like the production or packaging process make their brand appear more humane and reliable. People also consider supporting small or local businesses if they find out the cause behind starting the business or relate to the person running it.

To get your audience to see your work and connect with you, putting a TikTok handle will be worth it. Keep in mind that TikTok’s major audience includes young people. Make sure you know the age group and habits of your target customers to make the most impact with your business cards.

Fashion, Beauty, and Instagram

If you’re a business dealing in make-up, clothes, or jewellery, then you are probably on Instagram. Instagram is a great way to showcase your product portfolio. The aesthetics you can play with on the platform are what it’s all about. The prettier your product shots are, the better your content will do.

Even for big brands, Instagram is valuable. If there’s a popular skincare brand, Instagram and IGTV are great ways to share content about skincare. This also helps to convert people into paying customers. Putting an Instagram handle on a business card for any business in the beauty or fashion industry has now become essential.

Business on Facebook

Many home-based businesses start on Facebook, and it is their primary medium of communication with their customers. However, these same businesses may choose to set up stalls at events or in the mall. A small stall is not a shop and will not showcase the product range as effectively. It is a good idea to have a business card on hand with the social media handle on it.

Businesses often have huge communities, and some manage it through Facebook Groups to keep their customers updated on the latest products or discounts. Facebook has a review tab for business pages that customers browse through before making purchases. So, your card will make sure that your customer can find it.

Electronic Businesses and YouTube

If you’re in the electronics industry or sell gadgets like cell phones or printers, YouTube is where customers go to see reviews about your products. From unboxing videos to personal experiences, some people put a lot of thought into purchasing electronics, and rightly so.

As a business dealing in electronics, why not bring that traffic to your channel? Including a YouTube handle on your business card will give them the expectation of product unboxing and usage videos. Be prepared!

Contact Details and Messaging Apps

Contact information generally has an address, a number, and an email address. More people feel comfortable reaching out to businesses through messaging apps. Whether your business is on WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, or WeChat, you need to include at least one of these messaging app handles on your card. It will make it easier for your customers to reach out to you and clear any doubts they may have about purchasing from you.

Don’t Overload

Your business may be on every platform, but that doesn’t mean you include all of them on a small business card. If you have a huge following on any platform, it’s a good idea to include it. Customers will get a sense of trust from that. However, you need to think of your target audience and their behaviours before including other social media handles.

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