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5 Bad Social Media Habits to Leave Behind in 2013

by TheBossMoves

WomenComputer5 Bad Social Media Habits to Leave Behind in 2013

We’ve all seen it: Social media violators who need several seats in the Time Out Corner. These offenders are often not aware that their habits are rude, ineffective, off-putting or just plain inappropriate. So, here are five social media habits to leave in 2013, so you won’t find yourself .

1. Selfie Overload: We know. You’re beautiful, you’re fabulous and you just love you some you. However, try to cut down on the 50 selfies a day. It always reads conceited and self-consumed. Cut down to maybe 10 per day and you won’t have as many un-followers or haters. (Or at least talk about where you get your facial wash from or how you’re able to get your eyebrows so perfect with each one.)

2. Follow-Me Fanatic: It’s never cool to beg for followers on IG or Twitter. If someone isn’t following you, give them a reason to. When you @ mention them, provide some context ie. a cool link to an article they might be interested in or buzz words via hashtags about your company or brand. Connect with people in an organic and dynamic way.

3. Holla-Back Henry/Hannah: Nothing more annoying than someone who thinks IG and Twitter is their personal street corner. True, many celebrities and everyday people have found the next hook-up love of their life on social media, but try using the same social graces that you’d use in real life on social media. No man or woman likes unwanted advances, especially when it’s coming from some stranger behind a computer screen. And who wants to be this guy:

4. Old, Outdated, Over: If your social media profiles have old or outdated information, it’s time to update them. Be sure your Websites’ copyright and other company information are ready for 2014. Be sure links actually work, and that your photos aren’t from that company ID from 2004. Take a look at your Web presence and ensure that the most accurate and detailed information is out there.

5. TMI Updates and Subliminals: Maybe you’re upset at your beau/boss/coworker/mom/dad/sister/aunt/parole officer/doctor. Well, the whole world doesn’t need to know it. It’s amazing how many people will write nasty things about their boss or coworkers and think they can get away with it. In today’s tough job market, it’s best to keep your rants exclusive to close, trusted family and friends or maybe even a therapist. Oh, and those “subliminals” are never as cleverly covert as many may think.

There’s no tried and true universal rule for what to post on social media, but in 2014, be aware of what your updates say about you to your peers, business partners and prospective network you hope to expand in the new year.

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