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Facebook Launches Town Hall Feature To Let You Contact your Local Political Representatives

by Fahad Saleem

Facebook has launched yet another feature which is going to leave its impact for years to come. The social media giant which boasts over 1.8 billion monthly active users has rolled out a ‘Town Hall’ feature using which you can contact your local representatives. For example, if you are having a problem and you want to voice your concerns, you can simply use the Town Hall Facebook feature to search the local representatives. You can then message or call senators, council members, mayor and other political representatives to talk in detail about the problems.

Open Settings page in your Facebook profile and you will see a ‘Town Hall’ feature. Remember that you won’t be able to see this feature if you are not a US user. Facebook plans to roll out Town Hall feature for the US-based users only for now. You should also update your app to get this feature. If you can’t find the Town Hall feature, you can open it by clicking this link.

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Now you can search for your local representatives. Facebook will search everything for you. You just need to give your address. Or you can also enable the location and the Town Hall feature will update you based on your location.

You will now see a list of your local representatives. With every representative, there will a message, call or contact button. You can either drop them a message or call them. You can also view their Facebook pages or profiles.

This is yet another attempt by Facebook to increase its penetration in the US households and impact the US politics. The Town Hall feature asks for your address. This way, Facebook will get access to millions of households. The ultimate plan is to be able to specifically point out the political aspirations of different neighborhoods. The town hall feature could practically pull the plug of the physical town hall meetings that take place in the country.

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