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How To Make Subtitles For Videos For Social Networks: YouTube and Facebook


It’s no secret that most people watch videos on social networks without sound. Instagram Facebook has revealed that 85% of social media users mute videos when watching YouTube channels or videos on Facebook and Instagram, so adding subtitles to videos is a very important step before updating content in social networks. Adding subtitles to a video helps not only to make your content stand out but also to allow people to better understand your content, especially if they are people with disabilities.

You’ve probably thought about where you can quickly and efficiently create and attach subtitles to videos. In this article, I want to tell you three simple ways to automatically add subtitles to videos on social networks.

Why do I need to add subtitles to a video?

You can ask yourself a lot of questions, why is it so important to add subtitles to a video? We all know the answer to it. In some situations, for example, in public places, it is necessary to turn off the sound of the video when viewing it, so as not to disturb the comfort of people nearby, so subtitles are needed so that a person can find out what is being said in the video without increasing the volume. This is one of the main reasons for adding subtitles to videos.

The second point is the desire to translate your video content into another language. In this case, subtitles will also be a great helper.

Third, subtitles serve as a good search optimization on sites such as Facebook and YouTube. On these sites, subtitles are very well recognized, and this can help in promoting video content in the absence of a large advertising budget.

What are the tools available for creating subtitles on videos?

YouTube Subtitles

The main advantage of YouTube as a video platform is that it is possible to automatically create subtitles for videos in many different languages. After you have added a video to your YouTube channel, you need to go to the creative studio to edit the video. You need to view all the subtitles that YouTube offers to place on your video because automatic speech recognition in YouTube does not always create subtitles correctly.


In order to do this, you need to go to the Creative Studio, in the “Video Manager” section, select the desired video and click “Edit”. After that, you can edit and change the subtitles.

Facebook Subtitles

On Facebook, everything works about the same as on YouTube. When you upload a video, you need to select the section “Subtitles and captions” and then mark the language “English”. After that, click “Generate automatically”. Then you should wait until the subtitles appear. Just like on YouTube, you need to check how accurately the text of the generated subtitles corresponds to the content of the video. Then you can easily edit the text and publish your video.


Programs for professionals

For example, Adobe Premier Pro and Movavi Video Suite are professional universal video editors that have rich capabilities for creating subtitles from scratch or adding ready-made files with existing subtitles. The most complete list of best subtitle software for pc can be found here.

In order to learn how to use professional video editors, you need some time. Despite this, these universal video editors will help you create titles from scratch or add a ready-made file with subtitles. This is very convenient and necessary for those people who are engaged in creating video content on a regular basis.

Apps for your phone

There are a lot of available video editors for mobile phones, where you can make color corrections, edit, and add subtitles to the video. These are mobile apps like InShot and iMovie. These are some of the most convenient and popular mobile video editing apps. They will help you easily and conveniently set up subtitles right on your phone.

In order to add subtitles in the InShot mobile app, you need to “Download the app” – “Import videos from the gallery” – “Use sound and music in InShot” – “Add subtitle text” – “Select a resolution” – and “Save or share the video”.

To add subtitles to a video in the iMovie mobile app, click on the large + icon on the main interface, and then click “Movie” to select a video. Next, you need to click on the “play” button and set the duration that you want to add subtitles, click on the bottom line to show the editing tools. Press “T” Click the button, select a style, and enter the text in the field. Click the Done button in the upper-left corner.


Adding subtitles to your videos is not just important, in today’s world it is necessary. For example, on YouTube, about 85% of videos are played without sound when they are in public places.

The best solution to save time is to make sure that you have subtitles in advance so that your video content is more accessible to most people. With it, you can automatically add subtitles to your YouTube video, then download the .srt file and upload it to Facebook. It is very convenient to use YouTube and Facebook because it is possible to get ready-made subtitles at the output. Alternatively, you can quickly and easily use your script to create short videos on Adobe Premier Pro and Movavi Video Suite with subtitles, or on your mobile phone in video editors such as InShot and iMovie.

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