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Picture this, the Maasai people of East Africa in Space #MaaSci

by Milicent Atieno
@FRUIT_Junkie Maasai MaaSci

The Maasai people (found in Kenya and Tanzania) are probably the most conservative ethnic group you can find in East Africa. Their preservation of their culture makes them unique and stands out above all other ethnic groups living in the region. Indeed when you think of people when going to Safari, you will likely think of the Maasai people alongside the lions, the leopards, the wild beasts and the rest of the wild game.

One artist, Jacque Njeri (@Fruit_junkie) likes to think of herself as an Afrofuturist artist. In her latest artistic creations, she played around the idea of sending the Maasai people to space; #MaaSci. And as you know a Maasai, they like moving around with their traditional brand colors, beads, and shukas (their distinct fabric). Njeri art work has the Maasai in their traditional regalia just doing stuff in space, thus the term MaaSci.

Njeri says her inspiration first started out by recreating Tatooine city from the Star Wars movie. She then began incorporating elements of the Maasai culture subconsciously.

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